Warcraft The Movie


Warcraft Blu-ray, Video Quality

Warcraft’s live action elements were digitally photographed, and the movie makes use of heavy CGI throughout. The results are largely spectacular. In an unusual flip, the digital elements oftentimes look better than the real thing. Orcs are the unequivocal highlight of the movie and the Blu-ray transfer. The format is more than capable of picking up all sorts of the most intimately animated textural details on the characters.

The green skin is particularly robust, revealing seemingly all but the most microscopic details. Complexity comes easy, even through all of the support details on the characters, like fine hairs, boney adornments, rings, protruding teeth, and braided hair. The film, and the Blu-ray, are nothing short of showcases for digital artistry and the upper limits of what artists can construct and viewers can see in 2016.

Human characters are a little smoother, with skin textures not quite as revealing, capturing only broader stubble and scars. Still, armor never wants for more depth and detail, and environments — natural green terrain, warm wooden interior accents — are always sharp and finely defined. Colors are lively, particularly greenery but also Stormwind blues, red blood, and orc green.

The palette presents with excellent saturation and fine attention to subtle shade variation. Black levels are impressively deep, holding true and never crushing out details. Trace amounts of noise and aliasing are evident, though neither prove bothersome. This is an excellent presentation from Universal.


Warcraft Blu-ray, Audio Quality

Warcraft’s Dolby Atmos soundtrack doesn’t deliver an onslaught of overhead sounds, but it does deliver a good all-around listen that uses the top layer to compliment the more grounded and immersive action. As it is, the track presents and maintains a level of listening excellence that’s effortlessly immersive as all sorts of combat and supportive sound effects saturate the listening area. Battle scenes are everything listeners would expect of a finely tuned modern track.

Screams, sword clanks, crashes, and all variety of mayhem jumble together with excellent definition, delivery, and sense of space around the stage. Battles are quite the clatter, supported by potent bass and plenty of natural surround use, including that complimentary overhead layer. Bass thunders in other places, too, maintaining breathtaking depth and detail even at the very bottom end of the scale. Supportive details encircle the stage.

Gusty winds and blowing debris, whispery incantations, and discrete movement of lighter and speedier elements keep the ears engaged and the speakers working for the duration. Musical definition is excellent, again presenting with wide space, wrapping surround detail, excellent clarity, and a complimentary low end. Dialogue is clear and center focused and plays with natural prioritization.