You have watched several videos on this site. Have you noticed that a lot of the Youtubers make a lot of money? Some make so much cash that they just post videos – that’s all they do to keep their bank accounts full. Being a Youtuber is a true ‘do what you love’ lifestyle where you get paid to play World of Warcraft.

If becoming a Youtuber has crossed your mind, you aren’t alone. There are tons of guides available online on how to get started, how to pick the right gear, and even how to choose the right colour for your thumbnail images.

Instead of getting into the details of building out cover pictures and thinking about channel names, you should approach Youtube by starting out with the most important thing in a video channel — a video.

If you have never made a video for Youtube before, are you:

  • scared of how your video will be turned out?
  • feel that you might be judged for the way you sound, or the way you look in the video?
  • feel that you may bring in critics and negative people to comment on your videos?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. In fact, you could be the next Asmongold or Nobbel87.

Here’s the thing though: 99% of those who want to start their Youtube channels will never make the first video. Another 99% will either make the video and not publish it, or will drop out after their first (or second) video.

The good news is that there is a way to go into making Youtube videos without the fear of being judged or failing. Here is a 3 step guide to making your first (and the tenth!) Youtube video. Until it becomes a habit, making videos will take a few hours to get it right.

You will also find a list of inexpensive recording gear and tools to get started. These will work perfectly for you and your channel until you hit 1000 subscribers, which is when 1) you know you’ve hit a sweet spot and 2) there’s a very real chance of making it huge.

The 3 Step to a WoW Video for Youtube

The Planning Step

planning a youtube video

Plan things out by writing out what you plan to say

So you’re ready to start recording. The first thing that comes to your mind is — “what should I begin with?” Trying to wing it in a Youtube video sounds amazing until you try it, and then realize that you’re all over the place. This is completely normal, of course.

You are smarter than that. You write out what you’re going to talk about. Maybe not all the words, just the topics of what you plan to cover in that one video.

The best part about doing this? You figure out how the video is going to flow. You can change topics around, sentences around. If you have what you’re going to say in front of you, all you have to do is read it aloud. Simple.

The Practise Step

Practice for videos

“How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?” “Practice!”

Before starting out with the actual recording, run through the script that you prepared in the first step. Nail that down and you’re almost done. Dealing with a camera recording you (and your initial stumbles) is a lot easier once you are comfortable with the stuff you will be talking about.

Once you know exactly what you want to talk about, hit the record button! Do the first run through, and then make notes of where you want to add pauses, switch screens, and add more explanations. By the third recording, you will be fairly confident in what you’re talking about. And it will show through in your video 🙂

The Live Rehearsal Step

Get feedback from close friends who you trust

Before you upload and hit Publish on Youtube, stop. Set the video to private mode. Share the private link with one or two of your most trusted friends. See what they have to say. Did you miss anything major, like something on the back wall that you don’t want the world to see? Any improvements that you could make that would make the video much better?

You are now ready to hit Publish and be on your way to starting a WoW channel!

Hardware and Software Required to Start a WoW Youtube Channel

Here is a very basic list of inexpensive but essential items that you should get started with. Of course, Youtubers with a 100K followers have expensive gear. But. Their earnings from their Youtube channels are also a lot higher. The four basics that you will need are a webcam, a microphone, a screen capture software, and a Chrome extension that can help you manage your Youtube videos much faster.

A Functional Webcam – Logitech

The Logitech HD Webcam is cheap, and does the job. The model number is C270. Get it here.

A Quality Mic – Blue Designs

Many people watch Youtube with headphones on, and default sound quality on webcams are really not that great. It’s best to spend more money on a better mic than a better webcam. Using a Blue Designs mic will help you get the sound quality you’ve seen on big Youtubers’ channels.

Get it here.

Software to Manage Youtube Videos

To make life easier when uploading and managing many videos, a Chrome extension called TubeBuddy makes life way easier. It also has an easy keyword management tool, one that Youtube took away from their video uploader platform.

Screen Capture Software

OBS Project is a free screen capture software that is directly tied to as well as Youtube. You can download it here.


Hope this guide helps you get started with a Youtube channel. If you do decide to start a channel and wish to submit it for us to feature it on, please reach out to us.